Conversational Commerce

Content Accelerators

Rapidly deploy new intelligent, rich content Chat Bots with our content accelerators. We have accelerators covering topics as diverse and order tracking, shipping and password reset… and we adding new content all the time. Just ask us!

Product Knowledge Base

Leverage your existing investment in online product support content in new ways using our Product Knowledge Base. Give your customers access through our Conversational Assistant

Conversational Assistants

Give your customers an opportunity to interact naturally. Our Assistants use Natural Language Processing and Robotic Process automation to do more than just stick to a simple script.

Kloke – Data Masker

Mask personally identifiable information such as names, phone numbers and other identifiers so you can include your most powerful data sets in your hosted cloud solutions.

Cognitive Framework

Our Cognitive Framework speeds the time to deployment by combining the latest in Cognitive, mobile, web, development and hosting platforms…