Australian COVID-19 OutThought Assistant

Every organisation has been affected by COVID-19.   Not every organisation has the time, resources or ability to accelerate a real time response capability for their important customers, members and public.

-Better respond to your customers with your own,  business COVID-19 assistant
-Maintain your operational capability and remain up to date with the current situation
-Rapid deployment


  • Responds with up to the minute information from TRUSTED Australian government websites.
  • Complete and populated chit chat responses including requests to speak to an agent/human.
  • Over 40 other COVID intents localised to Australia, examples include:
    • Getting tested
    • Breaking isolation
    • Visitors
    • Preventing the spread
    • Definitions of common terms
    • Public gathering limits
    • Persons at risk
    • Symptoms
    • Isolation rules
    • What to avoid


  • Template to add your OWN business enquiries for automation eg:
  • Are you still operating as usual?
  • How can i get in touch with your team?
  • When will you open again?
  • Will I still have to pay?
  • Any other queries you need to automate rapidly.


  • READY to deploy on your website, facebook, internal slack channels or other (just ask).
  • READY to automate questions with live chat hand-off to Salesforce LiveAgents.
  • READY to automatically track and store all customer enquiries/conversations


We understand that this is a difficult time for all businesses. We are offering the following as complimentary:

  • All content developed to date
  • Integration connectors
  • 90 days Platform licencing
  • Business response template for your business specific responses
  • Website widget and UI
  • We maintain a small fee for services to deploy your VA  (excludes customisations if requested)

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