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Mask Your Data with Kloke




In today’s world, data is often an organization’s most valuable asset. But, it is difficult to extract value from that asset while still protecting your organization’s, and customer’s, sensitive information.

Do you want to extract insights from your language based reports and other information with the latest cloud based, SaaS Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools? Are you concerned about the threat of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) leaking?

Use outThought’s data masking tool, Kloke to automatically mask the names of people, organisations, locations and other sensitive information.


Mask names of people, organisations, locations and more in natural language text

On premise or cloud-based

Simple JSON API.  Use Kloke in your existing data processing chain

Leverage Stanford University’s Natural Language Group

How do we do it?

Kloke, outThought’s data masker, uses a combination of approaches, including rules based, heuristic algorithms, together with Named Entity Recognizer (NER) techniques developed by Stanford University, to de-identify sensitive information, including the names of people, organisations, telephone numbers and dates in a passage of text.