AI Concierge brings smart buildings to life

Meet the latest AI Concierge on the block – MEL. MEL is the first AI concierge to be implemented in an Australian apartment building. She addresses a growing consumer demand for technological innovation and integration in the off-the-plan apartment sector.  A powerful trio of teams partnered to bring Mel to life including Pace Development Group, the UneeQ digital human platform and the OutThought Virtual Assistant platform.

MEL can greet residents and visitors to assist in a variety of ways, including general building enquiries, deliveries, security and greeting visitors. Conversationally and visually, MEL guides people to a solution. Mel can SMS a user when their delivery arrives, dial the intercom to connect visitors to residents and open doors for delivery drivers, guiding them to the right place to leave their delivery.

PACE used the OutThought Virtual Assistant Platform to design, build and host MEL’s intelligent conversational abilities and actions. This includes her conversational repertoire, intelligent integrations to the smart building components including intercoms, door security systems and SMS gateways.

MEL already understands and responds to over 1500 different ways people interact with her, which relates to around 100 different queries over 30 main topics.  OutThought’s Artificially Intelligent engine classifies requests and maps responses so MEL will continue to learn and become increasingly helpful to residents over time.

We are proud to have our team and platform trusted by PACE to monitor, extend and enrich the conversational abilities of MEL including expanding her knowledge base and capturing new demands from residents and visitors who interact with the latest in Virtual Assistants.

Pace Development Group are one of Australia’s leading off the plan apartment developers and have launched MEL at Pace of Carnegie with plans to roll MEL out across several of their forthcoming developments.

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