Can a virtual assistant keep you healthy?

“To shift to a Mediterranean lifestyle pattern, people need detailed and personalised information, typically from a dietician or exercise physiologist, which is time-consuming and expensive”. Meet “Paola”, new and exciting Virtual Research Assistant outThought have […]

We Are Hiring!

Do you want to work with one of the leading technology stacks and AI platforms in the market? We are an exciting, young company, based in Adelaide and Sydney, who specialise in AI and Natural […]

Super Retail Group’s AI Assistant

Super Retail Group’s newest internal support team member is an AI assistant dubbed ‘Ask Geeves’. The retail group has recently completed a pilot with AI company OutThought, using an AI assistant to help team members […]

SalesForce World Tour – Artificial Intelligence Now and Next

Excited to see Lisa Bouari present on the AI Now and Next Panel with Katrina Read, Michael Priddis and Peter Coffee at the SalesForce World Tour Sydney 2018 event. Together, they provided many thought provoking insights into the age of AI […]

The 80/20 Data Rule. Start Focusing On The 80%

An AFL club extracts insight from their scout reports to inform better decision making during the player draft. What can you do with your unstructured data? With over 80% of data that is critical to decision […]

outThought at the ARN Women in ICT Awards

ARN recently hosted the 2017 Women in ICT Awards and it was an inspirational day had by all!  outThought were invited to speak on the AI Panel and Director Lisa Bouari discussed AI opportunities, market […]

Does your business really need AI?

Before the invention of the internet, we didn’t know we needed it. Now we can’t live without it. The future impact and benefits of new, disruptive technologies like the internet, or for that matter AI, […]

So, you want to start AI? Here’s how (and how not to!)

41 percent of the 3,000 executives surveyed in a recent McKinsey Global Institute study are unsure about how to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) in their organisation. This is an article on where to start (and where […]

Making the jump …

In a light-hearted interview, Paul van der Linden talks to Andrew Montesi and James Begley from Rooster Radio about how outThought came into being and what our vision for it is. Making The Jump