AI Concierge brings smart buildings to life

Meet the latest AI Concierge on the block – MEL. MEL is the first AI concierge to be implemented in an Australian apartment building. She addresses a growing consumer demand for technological innovation and integration […]

Bringing Digital Humans to life

OutThought are excited to announce our latest partnership with UneeQ. OutThought have completed the final stages of integration to the UneeQ Digital Human platform – which means our Virtual Assistants can now be deployed to […]

Can a virtual assistant keep you healthy?

“To shift to a Mediterranean lifestyle pattern, people need detailed and personalised information, typically from a dietician or exercise physiologist, which is time-consuming and expensive”. Meet “Paola”, new and exciting Virtual Research Assistant outThought have […]

So, you want to start AI? Here’s how (and how not to!)

41 percent of the 3,000 executives surveyed in a recent McKinsey Global Institute study are unsure about how to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) in their organisation. This is an article on where to start (and where […]

Making the jump …

In a light-hearted interview, Paul van der Linden talks to Andrew Montesi and James Begley from Rooster Radio about how outThought came into being and what our vision for it is. Making The Jump